Roane Family Tree

Anthony Roane

Anthony Roane was the first ancestor in my Roane family, but I am currently unsure of the direct lineage.  He was born in 1475 in Whetstone Middlesex, England.  He was the founder of the Roanes of Hounslow which is on the Great Western Road in greater London.  Anthony had six sons, but I only know of two at this time, Humphrey and Robert.  

1.  Humphrey Roane married Marian Shelbe of Yorks and had two children:
     A.   Anthony Roane-  (born 1583) Under-auditor of Exchequer by 1558 under Queen Elizabeth 1
     B.  Humphrey Roane Jr. married Scissely, daughter of Raffe Rogers of Sutton Valence Kent. 

2.  Robert Roane who married Agnes Mitchell daughter of Richard Mitchell.  They had five kids.
     A.  William Roane- Weddington, Northants.   Scholar at Trinity Hall at Cambridge and got law degree plus medical degree there.  Later became a fellow at Trinity until 1643.
     B.  Francis Roane
     C.  John Roane- of the household of King James 1st.  He was the "sergeant" of the scullery in 1621.  He married Dorathey Preston and had John Jr. who married a Bradley and Robert who married a Cadman. 
     D.  Thomas Roane- "Yeoman of the Scullery" had Thomas Roane Jr was the "Sergeant of the Poultry" to King Charles Ist. He had John, Catherin and Anne.
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