Roane Family Tree

Gilbert Roane

Sir Archibald Gilbert Roane son of Charles Roane was born in Argleshire, Scotland, Feb. 12,1669 at "Whitehall Castle". There is a link with our family during this time frame, but I can't determine what it is specifically.  Jeannet, his wife was born August 22, 1679.  For services rendered to King William III during the Battle of Boyne, he was granted land in Greenshaw, Ireland. The King's granted stated that, "the land will belong to him as long as the grass grows and the water runs".  Their children:
A.  James b. Oct. 18, 1707
B.  Andrew b. July 17 1713, in Greenshaw, Ireland, died in Lancaster Pa. 1768.  His son Archibald Roane later became the Governor of Tennessee and Roane County is named after him.
C.  William b. July 17 1713 m. Sarah Upshaw, d. 1759 (Judge Spencer Roane line) the Virginia Roanes.  Andrew and William were twins.
D.  John. b. Apr. 30,1717, d. Oct.3, 1775
E.  Margaret, b. September 12, 1722

James and William came to America in 1741 and settled in Essex Co. Va. (See genealogy of Virginia Branch of Roane family; also John P. Branch's Historical papers - Randolph Macon College - Vol. 1, June, 1905, No. 1)

Andrew and John Roane came to America in September, 1739.
John Roane settled in Lancaster, Pa. and was ordained to preach in 1745. Andrew married Mary Bowman in 1745. She died the same year. He again married, his second wife being Margaret Walker.
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