Roane Family Tree

Robert Roane

There is a lot of confusion regarding Robert, Charles and Gilbert.  It is all in the 1600s, so I understand.  I will start with Robert's will.  Since we can rely on his family references, it will give us some framework.

Robert Roane- married Patience Lambert first.  wrote his will in 1672 after his wife Elizabeth Bartelott died young at age 30.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry Bartelott.  Robert died in 1676 in Chaldon Surrey see the link to the Roane Family history at William & Mary.  Apparently, this family were wealthy and well respected.  I have seen references such as this:

The Roanes were a classic example of the English landed gentry. By that, I mean they were on the lower scales of nobility designated by the title “Sir”. One such Roane, Sir Robert Roane, lived at Greenwich Palace in service to King Charles II until that palace fell into ruin.The origin of the Roane family of Chaldon, Surrey, remains something of a mystery. Owners of  the Tullesworthy Estate, they claimed descent from Charlemagne – which is as yet unproven. Regardless, they were a respected and affluent family, a status which lasted into the early 19th century. Charles Roane’s niece Lucy Roane made a celebrated marriage with John Chetwynd, a Member of Parliament, and their son Walter would become 1st Viscount Chetwynd of Bearhaven. Here is a photo of that home:

Tullesworth Manor

A.  Charles Roane- born around 1640 in Chaldon England. Robert's will states "to my son Charles and his wife Frances." So, this will be Frances Bartellott. "Immigrant"  Came to Va before 1664.  Lost much in Bacon's Rebellion in 1675.  Gilbert Roane is not the father of our William, I believe that he had another William.  One main reason is the original will of Robert identifies Charles and Robert Jr.
      i)  Robert Roane- mentioned in grandfather's will, came to America 1664.
          a) Alexander Roane
          b) Charles Roane- married Anne in 1742
          c) William Roane married Sarah Daniel on February 15, 1754.
      ii) William Roane- born around 1700? married Sarah Upshaw possibly in 1726
          a) Thomas Roane- died April 18, 1799 married Mary Ann Hipkins had fifteen kids.
          b) John Roane- born 1766 and died 1838 married Ms. Jones.
          c) Col. William Roane
          d) Margaret Roane
          e) Sarah Roane
          f) Lucy Roane
B.  Susan Gatton- "paying yearly to my daughter and grandchildren Robert and Sarah Davy." 
C.  Elizabeth Askew- "to my daughter..." and some to his grandkids Thomas and Robert Askew.
D.  Lucy Roane- "to my daughter but if she marries without consent to my cousin Thomas Roane, Esq."  probably of Wellingborow.
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