Roane Family Tree

Thomas Roane cousins

Thomas Roane also gained the rank of Colonel in the Revolutionary War like his father. Thomas was born 1728 died April 8, 1799.  Thomas married Mary Ann Hipkins (uhh his first cousin) and had fifteen children!  As the oldest, he moved into the Roane family home called "Newington" and died there.

A.  Sarah- was born 1 in 1764. She died 2 in 1800.
B.  Molly- died unmarried
C.  Mary Ann - died young
D.  Rebecca
E.  Patsy
F.  Catherine
G. Archibald- died at birth
H. William- committed suicide
I.  Thomas- He died in 1808. He married Mary Elizabeth Mills Neilson, had Isabella Jane Roane.
J. Samuel- died age 30
K. Alice
L. Lucy
M. Margaret
N. Charlotte- born 1765
O. Martha
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