Roane Family Tree

Thomas Roane of VA

Thomas was born in Essex Co. VA, 18 April, 1760.
There he married Henrietta Hern on 14 Nov. 1789, and in 1808 moved to
Rockingham County, NC where they lived the remainder of their lives. The
children of Thomas Roane and wife as copied from Family Records, as also the
birth and marriage dates of Thomas Roane, were:
1. A son, William Roane, born 1790.
2. A son, James Hern Roane, born 1792.
A daughter, Sarah Platter Spotswood.
3. 8. A son, Sterling Spencer Roane, born 1813., born 1793.
4. A son, John Hern Roane, born 1795.
5. A son, Robert Roane, born 1798.
6. A son, Thomas Jefferson Roane, born March 20, 1801. (my ancestor)
7. A daughter, Elizabeth Ball Roane, born 1810
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