Roane Family Tree

William Henry Roane

William Henry "Billy" Roane was born November 17, 1867 and died on August 24, 1943.  He was named William which is the family name and Henry for our relative by marriage, Patrick Henry.  He married Minnie Almira Liner.  Billy walked with a severe limp from a fall off a horse.  Billy was a Justice of the Peace for Macon County and delivered goods to SC for sale.  He had five children:

A. William "Bill" Roane- born May 29, 1916.  Married Bertha Mae Cagle and had four children: Eleanor Louise, William Thomas, Nancy Elaine and Louis Douglas. 
B. Virginia "Flora" Roane- married James Clifford Monteith. She was born November 4, 1912 no children.
C. James M. Roane- "JM"
D. Bonnie Cami- born April 7, 1914 and married Robert Cabe.  Together they had six kids: Billy Jenkins, Kathryn Ann, Robert Mark, Nancy Rebecca, Sarah Louise and Thomas Emmanuel.
E. Nancy Roane- born June 17, 1919 and died September 24, 1963.  Married Jack Bryson and no kids.

Both Billy and Minnie are buried at the Lewis Cemetery in Asheville. 
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