Roane Family Tree

William Roane of VA

William Roane was born in Ireland around 1700? and died in 1759.  His father was Charles Roane and his mother was Frances Bartelott.  William married Sarah Upshaw and had six kids:

A.  Thomas Roane- born around 1730 died April 18, 1799 married Mary Ann Hipkins and had fifteen children!  As the oldest, he moved into the Roane family home called "Newington" as willed to him. 
B.  John Roane- born July 12, 1736 died 31 Oct 31, 1805 married Latane then Mary Susanna Jones then Martha Elizabeth Taylor.  Just an example of the amount of land William had, he willed over 1,300 acres to John and much more to the others.  His son John Roane was in the US Congress.
C.  Col. William Roane married Judith Ball and they later had Judge Spencer Roane and a total of four kids.
D.  Sarah Roane married Dr. John Brockenbrough and had six kids. Brockenbrough, William, son of Dr. John Brockenbrough, of Tappahannock, Essex county, Virginia, and of Sarah, his wife, daughter of Colonel William Roane, was born July 10, 1778; was educated at William and Mary College in 1798; studied law and afterwards practiced it with much success. He represented Essex in the house of delegates in 1802-03; member of the council, May, 1803: appointed a judge of the general court. February 7, 1809, and a judge of the Supreme Court of Appeals, February 20, 1834, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Judge John W. Green. He was an able jurist, but did not serve in the Supreme Court long, as he died December 10, 1838. He was father of John W. Brockenbrough, for many years judge of the United States court for the western district of Virginia, afterwards member of the Confederate congress, and professor of law at Washington College.
E.  Lucy Roane married Richard Barnes and then Col. Thomas Brockenbrough, Dr. John's brother.
D.  Margaret "Mary or Molly" Roane- married Archibald Ritchie and had Thomas Ritchie in Tappahannock, Virginia.  Thomas studied law like his famous uncle Spencer Roane.  Thomas later started the Richmond Enquirer and fought in the War of 1812.  Richie County Virginia was named after him. Thomas Jefferson said of the Enquirer, "I read but a single newspaper, Ritchie's Enquirer, the best that is published or ever has been published in America."[1]
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