Roane Family Tree
Scotland to England to Ireland to Virginia to Rockingham to Franklin to Rutherfordton
The Roane Family tree is actually incredibly interesting.  Did you know that we have had Revolutionary War heroes, a discoverer of Yosemite, prominent judges and lawyers, governors of Tennessee and Texas as well as some more questionable ancestors.  Check it out, and see for yourself.

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1.  Anthony Roane 1 (1475-1490) Whetstone Middlesex England (For some interesting folklore check out the Seal Men)
    A.  Humphrey Roane- son Anthony 2
    B.  Robert Roane
   Sir Archibald Gilbert Roane (1669-   false direct ancestor caused by DAR research)
Known lineage

3.  Robert Roane- will in 1672 died 1676 from Chaldon England mentioned Charles and wife Frances.
4.  Charles Roane- born around 1636 married Frances Bartelott.  "The Immigrant" from Seldon's book. 
4.  William Roane (1713-1759) born in America married Sarah Upshaw married 1726 died 1757.
5.  Col. William Roane (1740-  Revolutionary War hero
6.  Thomas Roane (1760-1817)
7.  Thomas Jefferson Roane (1801-
8.  Rep. James Milton Roane-  codiscovered Yosemite, Confederate Calvary
9.  William Henry Roane
10.  James Milton Roane "JM"
11.  James Milton Roane
12.  James Milton Roane
The above coat of arms supposedly represents the union of the Roane family with the Bartellot family in the early 1600s.
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